Wild Waters

Extreme kayaker Nouria Newman has gone from standing on the podium of international canoe slalom competitions to remote whitewater expeditions. Young as she is, she has embarked on a lifetime’s worth of raging rapids and thundering waterfalls. In Patagonia, the world-champion French paddler took on (and conquered) some of the world’s toughest and wildest rivers with two accomplished American expedition kayakers, Ben Stookesberry and Erik Boomer.

Nouria is also compelled to go out on her own, like to the mighty rivers in the lonely valleys of Ladakh (India), where it’s just her and her kayak. There, her extraordinary skills are her life insurance. It is on these solo trips to untamed rivers that Nouria is confronted by her greatest fears but also experiences her deepest moments of gratification.

Film Facts

Length: 25 min
Direction: David Arnaud
With: Nouria Newman, Yves Narduzzi, Benny Marr, Rush Sturges, Ben Stookesberry
Production: Red Bull Media House, France, 2022
Language: Original version with subtitles
Accessible: Greta App (AD, SDH, SUB)
Tracklist: Wondrous World 2 – Paul Mottram
Jazzy Drums – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
Reggae – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
Yeah Whatever – Kes Loy, Richard Kimmings
Vaporous waters – Elio Antony
Sympathetic – James Banbury, Pete Davis
Fier – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
Les Bleues – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
New Ending, New Beginning – Noemi-Monika Bolojan
Nerve Echo – Pete Davis, James Banbury
Lull – Noemi-Monika Bolojan
Stereotypes – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
Big Time (feat. Avila & Mr. Chantilly) – St. Society
Water – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel

Nouria Newman

  • has been kayaking since she was a child
  • member of the French national canoe slalom team (2007-2015)
  • won a gold medal at the 2014 World Championships
  • in 2015 she ended her career in canoe slalom to become a full-time whitewater kayaker
  • most important expeditions (2014: Stikine River, Canada, 2018: Solo in Ladakh, India, 2019: Patagonia, South America)