The Mirage

Ultrarunner Timothy Olson is setting out to establish a new FKT (fastest known time) on the Pacific Crest Trail. The legendary long-distance route stretches along 2,650 miles (4,265 km) of the United States west coast, a distance that takes most hikers five to six months to complete. Timothy aims to beat the current record time of 52 days. The endurance athlete has run several ultras over 50 or 100 miles, but never 2,650 consecutive miles.

For him, the PCT is the biggest challenge of his career—not only physically, but mentally. The support of his family makes the long and lonely days on the trail bearable, and his daily meditation practice helps him maintain sight of his goal.

“There was definitely moments where I kind of thought of the whole project and it was so overwhelming that it just seemed so impossible.” 

Film Facts

Length: 26 min
Direction: Keith Ladzinski
With: Timothy Olson, Krista Olson, Tristan Olson, Kai Olson, Jason Koop
Production: Triage Creative, USA, 2022
Language: Original version with subtitles
Accessible: Greta App (AD, SDH, SUB)
Tracklist: Intro – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
Mexico – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
Start Running – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
Heat – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
No Rest – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
High Flight – Michele Nobler
Dawn Drif – Doug Kaufman
Family Time – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
Long Way – Oliver Michael
Relief – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
Foreboding – Kyle Preston
Pain – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
Closer – Michael Lauterbach & Tom Appel
Colorado 1864 – Animal Assassin
Rising Tides – Outland
Waves – Ivan Grigorashchuk

Timothy Olson

  • ultrarunner
  • combines extreme sports with mindfulness practices
  • successes: FKT on the PCT, 2x Western States Winner
  • his family accompanied him on the FKT
  • Instagram: @timothyallenolson