Bridge Boys

In the midst of the pandemic, Tom Randall and Pete Whittaker embark on one of the most bizarre projects of their careers. Lockdown and travel restrictions force the UK climbers to look for new challenges in their immediate surroundings, and although Tom and Pete have always had a penchant for unusual crack climbing ("Wide Boyz" EOFT 13/14), this route may eclipse all previous efforts.

There are cracks not only in rock, but also in concrete structures; the difference is that they are called expansion joints and can be 800 meters long under a motorway bridge. Maybe this COVID summer will turn out to be better for Tom and Pete than they imagined...

Film Facts

Length: 28 min
Direction: Nick Rosen & Peter Mortimer
With: Tom Randall, Pete Whittaker
Production: Sender Films, USA / United Kingdom, 2022
Language: Original version with subtitles
Accessible: Greta App (AD, SDH, SUB)
Track list: Witch – Deadbuttons
Midnight Vals – ANBR
The Swan – Alon Peretz
Space Fashion – The Delorean
Lighter Than Air (Instrumental) – Boxwood Orchestra
We Fall – Stanley Gurvich
Zero Gravity – Matooma
Seasons – ANBR
Nomad Shuffle – Southside Aces
Amore – Tommy Jervidal
Blackwood Canyon (Instrumental) – Graham Barton
In The Steps of Dust (Instrumental) – Jules Blueprints
End Credits – Kyle Preston
Mister Winter Bee (Instrumental) – Caspar Babypants
Carmen (Bizet) – Ohad Ben Ari
Still Here – Jameson Nathan Jones
Carousel (Instrumental) – Boxwood Orchestra