EOFT 17/18


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Ski. The 4710-meter-high Mount Ushba has long held a strong attraction for the Swiss freerider Samuel Anthamatten. In July 2017, he traveled to Georgia with Léo Slemett, winner of the Freeride World Tour 2017, and the South Tyrolean freerider Markus Eder, to descend the most distinguishable peak of the Caucasus Mountains for the first time on skis and to find out if the Caucasian powder delivers on its promises.

Film information

Length: 6 min
Direction: Guido Perrini
With: Samuel Anthamatten, Leo Slemett, Markus Eder
Production: Timeline Missions, Switzerland, 2017
©John Wellburn

Follow the Fraser

Mountain bike. Kyle Norbraten, James Doerfling, and Tom van Steenbergen want to rediscover their Canadian homeland. In search of undiscovered trails, they follow the Fraser River north from the Sunshine Coast to the Sibola mountain range in British Columbia. The three mountain bikers plan to reach deep into their bag of tricks to build and ride features along the way, but they'll need the right terrain. Til now, the Sibola range—named after one of the mythical Seven Cities of Gold—has never been tested for its bikeability, but they're hoping to strike it big...

Film information

Length: 10 min
Direction: David Peacock, Andre Nutini, Liam Mullany
With: Kyle Norbraten, James Doerfling, Tom van Steenbergen
Production: Absolute Cinema in Coproduction with Red Bull Media House, Canada, 2017
©Erik Boomer

Into Twin Galaxies

Expedition. Ben Stookesberry, Sarah McNair-Landry, and Erik Boomer are heading north. They want to cross Greenland's gigantic ice sheets with snow kites, followed by a kayaking first descent in a meltwater stream down the glacier. But Greenland is tough terrain—it’s a journey into a fragile yet dangerous paradise. During the snowkiting leg, Sarah must deal with a serious crash on the ice. Later, Boomer deliberately risks his skin on an enormous multilevel waterfall, and even Ben, the nard-nosed expedition expert, must ultimately concede that it can be officially too cold to kayak.

Film information

Length: 35 min
Direction: Jochen Schmoll
With: Ben Stookesberry, Sarah McNair-Landry, Erik Boomer
Production: Red Bull Media House, Austria, 2017
©Scott Rogers


Climbing / Portrait. Steph Davis chose climbing. The law student left school in her early twenties and followed her passion for the sport, earning a number of climbing achievements from Yosemite to Patagonia. For a while she called her car home before eventually settling in Moab, Utah, and discovered her second passion: BASE jumping. Although she’s suffered many losses, including the death of her husband Mario Richards in a wingsuit accident, she’s never regretted having chosen her unconventional way of life—a life full of extraordinary choices proving that what seems to be a wrong decision at first can be the right one.

Film information

Length: 15 min
Direction: Teresa Hoerl
With: Steph Davis, Ian Mitchard
Production: HelliVentures Filmproduktion, Germany, 2017
©Benjamin Sadd

Dug Out

Expedition. The dugout canoe is the oldest type of boat archaeologists have found. For thousands of years it has been used by the indigenous people of South America to navigate the jungle. With such a boat—basically made from hollowed out tree trunk—Benjamin Sadd and James Trundle have chosen to explore the mystical Amazon region. Making this dream come true starts with a lot of hard work—first step, felling a massive tree. With the help of a Huaorani man named Bay Nenquiqwi, their dugout canoe gradually takes shape. Amidst the screaming monkeys and swinging lianas, the two Brits embark on a journey into the mysterious world of the jungle and discover themselves in an unexpected way.

Film information

Length: 20 min
Direction: Benjamin Sadd
With: Benjamin Sadd, James Trundle
Production: The Trail to Anywhere, UK, 2017
©Fabian Bodet


Ski. Freeskier Sam Favret follows the call of the ice and shows us the Mer de Glace from an entirely new perspective. For him, France’s largest glacier is basically a terrain park with natural half-pipes, kickers, and tunnels. We accompany him on his ride through a world of ice and snow, from high-speed descents to the depths of the glacier and back up again, with lots of freestyle tricks along the way.

Film information

Length: 5 min
Direction: Antoine Frioux, Alexis Blaise, Maxime Moulin, Sam Favret
With: Sam Favret
Production: PVS Company, France, 2016
©Ale d'Emilia

La Congenialità

The Attitude of Gratitude

Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger are an odd pair. As an alpinist, Simone prefers to take the hard way and has nearly 30 years of winter climbing experience. Tamara, on her way to achieving a long and successful career in ski mountaineering, is just 30 years old. Despite the age difference, these two shared a similar goal and their roles were clear—he the wise mentor, she the eager student. But as the team heads for Kangchenjunga to attempt the highest traverse across 8000-meter peaks, their roles begin to shift.

Film information

Length: 20 min
Direction: Christian Schmidt
With: Simone Moro, Tamara Lunger
Production: HelliVentures Filmproduktion, Germany, 2017