EOFT 04/05

Alone across Australia

Adventurer Jon Muir is up for a massive challenge: he wants to accomplish the first unsupported traverse of the Australian continent. His route of 2.500 kilometers leads through the one of the driest deserts on earth and there are no food depots, so he has to live from the land and find water and food along the way. During the last few years he has made three attempts to fulfill his dream - but so far his attempts were in vain. But Jon doesn't give up and takes off to his adventure trip with map, compass and his loyal companion, terrier Seraphine.

Film information

Length: 24 min
Direction: Ian Darling, Jon Muir
With: Jon Muir
Production: Shark Island Productions, Australia, 2004

Falquet Brothers

This is freeskiing at its best! The Falquet Brothers Nicolas & Loris, also known as Huck & Chuck, ski down the steepest faces and jump the highest cliffs. A 16mm film which shows the passion of the freeskiing pros.

Film information

Length: 6 min
Direction: Nicolas Falquet
With: Nicolas & Loris Falquet
Production: Hawk Pictures, France, 2004

Never Ending Thermal

The sky is the limit? Not for paragliders. Discover the magical world of paragliding with Herminio Codido and Jorge Atramiz. These two venezuelans show us state of the art paragliding. Fantastic pictures!

Film information

Length: 5 min
Direction: Sean White
With: Herminio Codido, Jorge Atramiz
Production: Sean White Photography


Deep Water Soloing with the Austrian climber Klem Loskot. It's fun, but also a dangerous business. No safety rope keeps you from falling down - into the Mediterranean. Free climbing on the highest level.

Film information

Length: 7 min
With: Klem Loskot, Tim Eminetti

Snow Kajak

Have you ever seen kajaks on a ski run? Did you really? Well, we think that you haven't seen something like "Snow Kajak" before. It's new and radical and absolutely incredible: Freeride Kajaking!

Film information

Length: 4 min
Direction: Olaf Obsommer
With: Nussdorfer Kajak-WG
Production: Big-O-Productions, Germany, 2004


For the Dane Jakob Slot and his girl-friend Conny Zamernik telemark skiing is more than just a sport or a short adreanaline rush. It is their way of living. Their powder adventures take place in the most unlikely places like Afghanistan, Greenland, Colombia, Tibet or Patagonia. They walk thousands of miles to reach the snowy peaks of Colombia and make their own experiences in the crisis-torn Middle East. Tele-Visions shows us extraordinary ski adventures - decent and authentic.

Film information

Length: 15 min
With: Jakob Slot, Conny Zamernik

Woman of K2

There are only five women who have reached the summit of K2 (8.616m). But three of them died while descending the mountain. The other two were killed in accidents on their following expeditions. The outstanding spanish mountaineer Araceli Segarra is quite aware of her forerunners fate. Nonetheless she has a big goa. She wants to be the sixth woman to stand on top auf the seconds highest peak of the earth.

Film information

With: Araceli Segarra