EOFT 02/03

Dream of Antarctica

Norwegians Rolf Bae and Erik Sonnland have completed a sheer impossible task. They have successfully managed to make the longest unsupported ski treck in history. 3800 km through the white continent - without support from any sponsors!

Film information

Length: 45 min
Direction: -
With: Rolf Bae, Eirik Sonnland
Production: Norwegen, 2002

Front Range Freaks

Join the bold, cutting-edge and completely out there climbers who haunt Colorado's Front Range. From the late, great free-solo guru Derek Hersey, to the climbing canine Biskit and the urban ape Timmy O'Neill, Front Range Freaks showcases climbing like you have never seen it before.

Film information

Length: 7 min
Direction: Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen
With: Timmy O’Neill
Production: Sender Films, USA, 2002

One tired guy

Kris Holm defines new freeride mountain unicycle standards in this extraordinary collection of action and adventure films.

Film information

Length: 7 min
Direction: Sean White & Kris Holm
With: Kris Holm
Production: Derek Westerlund, Canada, 2002

Paddle fever

This film portraits the elite of German young kayakers as they do their stunts downriver Europes most dangerous rapids! After this film you realize why these guys love their sport as much as they do. The song perfectly transports the motto of the young danger seekers. The film was shot in Norway, Germany and Switzerland.

Film information

Length: 3 min
Direction: Olaf Obsommer
With: Nussdorfer Kajak-WG
Production: Big-O-Productions, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, 2002

Ski movie

Again this film - the latest of the Ski Movie Series - shows freeriding at its best. Exciting and impressive jumps shot on location in British Columbia, Norway and Alaska. One of the best freeride movies ever.

Film information

Length: -
Direction: -
Production: -

Vertical vibes

Thomas Ulrich and Stefan Siegrist have been a very successful team for years. Having spend their time together on many mountaineering expeditions and at work - Thomas being a photographer and Stefan his photo model - they have developed a very close and special relationship. We follow them on their journey to Cerro Torre in Patagonia, to an B.A.S.E.-Jump off the Eiger North Face, to a photo shooting in Interlaken and to El Capitan in California.

Film information

Length: 20 min
Direction: -
With: Thomas Ulrich, Stefan Siegrist
Production: Moving Adventures Medien, Germany, Switzerland, 2002