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What to do

You are part of our network and will be the first to receive exclusive information about upcoming EOFT releases, such as links to teasers and trailers.

To spread the word about EOFT even further, we'd love for you to share this content with your friends. We are also grateful for any feedback you give us about the event you attended. Of course, we hope you enjoy it and share your experiences from the event evening with your friends.

What you bring

You are an outdoor sports enthusiast: you have at least 500 Instagram followers / 500 Facebook friends or are active on another platform, produce sports/outdoor content or are a member of various outdoor sports groups and publish at least 5 posts on the EOFT.

What we offer

2 free tickets for an EOFT event (location and date of your choice) or 1 EOFT streaming voucher, plus an exclusive surprise package delivered directly to your home.

Further information

Please document all your posts (at least 5) with a screenshot.

As an open-minded program, the EOFT dissociates itself from any right-wing and/or discriminating movements. We don’t want our content to be spread on ambiguous pages. If this happens, we reserve the right to cancel our collaboration.

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