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From farm tractor to adventure 4x4, the Defender has come a long way.

Originally designed for use as an agricultural vehicle, its name now represents venturing into the unknown. For 75 years, the Defender has been setting out on adventures and for that we offer our sincere congratulations!

The Defender has since extended its terrain beyond the green hills of its British homeland. Today, deserts, jungles, and mountains are its natural habitat.

Here, the off-road specialist can maximize its full potential. This is where it has made itself indispensable over the past 75 years.

As a strong partner to numerous aid organizations and military operations and, above all, as an expedition vehicle for anyone who desires to get off the beaten track, the Defender has become a living legend. And like any good adventurer, it continues to evolve.

OxCam Expedition, Far East, 1955

Although it was almost 70 years ago, the Defender’s first great overland adventure has not been forgotten.

OxCam Expedition, Far East, 1955

In 1955, six English students headed out of Oxford in two brand-new Land Rovers on their first extensive cross-country journey.

They traveled across Europe and the Middle East, conquering mountainous regions and jungle expanses. After six months and a total of 18,000 miles, they reached their journey’s destination—Singapore.

OxCam Expedition, Far East, 1955
OxCam Expedition, Far East, 1955

Afterward, not only the students but also the vehicles were experience rich.

75 years of development, ingenuity, and innovation have gone into the Defender 75th Limited Edition, the current model of the four-wheel drive classic.

With the newest configuration, it is ideally equipped for all its future undertakings.

Land Rover Defender on tour through Germany with the EOFT

Adventure has many facets and means something different to everyone, as the new EOFT program has clearly portrayed. While the stories, dreams, and aspirations remain as varied and diverse as the individuals who pursue them, they are united by reaching beyond personal boundaries and making the impossible possible.

We look forward to the new EOFT 2024 season with our partner, Defender.

Defender and EOFT

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