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The Adventures of the Dodo

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The Adventures of the Dodo

They call themselves „The Wild Bunch“: Sean Villanueva O’Driscoll, Ben Ditto and brothers Olivier and Nicolas Favresse. They love climbing big walls and they love to celebrate their first ascents with a spontaneous jam session on a mountain peak or a portaledge. Even if their backpacks are heavy, there’s always room for a flute or a mandolin… This time the experienced climbing quartet has signed up for a sailing trip to Baffin Island on the “Dodo’s Delight”. After a rough start in Greenland and daunting journey through Baffin Bay, „The Wild Bunch“ and their captain Reverend Bob Shepton finally reach the big walls of Baffin Island. The climbers can’t wait to get hold of real rock and rope again. And the captain and his “Dodo” enjoy their well-earned moment of peace down in the bay while the crew is up on the walls - looking for first ascents and good acoustics. 


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