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Locked In

Locked In

It’s not their first kayaking expedition, but this time Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic (“Kadoma”, E.O.F.T. 11/12) as well as Ben Marr and Pedro Oliva seem to be stuck in the middle - mentally and geographically. Their goal: becoming the first kayakers to follow the entire Beriman River through the heart of the Papuan jungle, all the way to the Solomon Sea. From above the river looks almost picturesque, a winding turquoise line, but up close there’s no doubt it’s full of pitfalls. In fact, it’s impossible to examine the most critical sections of the river thoroughly - 13 gorges including waterfalls and Class 5 wild water - before actually running them. That means every member of the expedition must totally trust their own abilities, and those of the team. Everyone knows: There’s no return ticket on this trip. Once they launch their kayaks onto the Beriman River, there’ll only be one way out of the gorge. And it lies 48 kilometres downstream. 


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