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„No matter what happens: Don’t panic!“ (Hendri Coetzee)

There are special kayak expeditions, there are dangerous ones – and there are especially dangerous ones. The Congo-expedition Hendri Coetzee, Chris Korbulic and Ben Stookesbury undertake definitely falls into the last category. The Congo is something like the „holy grail“ among kayak expeditions. The muddy stream winds through Central Africa for 4.300 km and it is not only the raging rapids one has to be afraid of. The shallow riverbanks are full of hippos and crocodiles and, apart from that, the military is omnipresent in the country battered by poverty and corruption. The South African Hendri Coetzee is the only one who can assess all the dangerous aspects of this expedition. Together with him, Ben Stookesberry and Chris Korbulic set out on their journey to the black heart of Africa. In the middle of the river, however, the expedition takes a dramatic turn.


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