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At 40 degrees Celcius below zero, snow gathers inside the tent and not even the warmest down sleeping bag does the job of keeping one warm. At a height of over 7000 meters, it is simply freezing cold. One must admit that this is quite a unique trio that has set out to climb the GasherbrumII (8034m) for the first time in winter. Simone Moro and Denis Urubko seem to handle the extreme temperature and the physical exertion better than Cory Richards, who, at the same time, also films the expedition. Richards seems to slightly regret his decision to come along with each further altitude meter. With the cold getting more and more unbearable, Cory’s self-doubt becomes stronger and stronger. But turning around is no option. Not without a summit victory. And not even that is a guarantee for a successful ending of this adventure: the way down is always more dangerous than the way up. 


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