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E.O.F.T. 2021

Back on the big screen (finally!)

E.O.F.T. is celebrating 20 years of outdoor sport and adventure films, bringing a new generation of adventurers to the big screen. This year's program takes you to the Amazon, on a bike tour around the world, and to the icy heights of the Swiss Alps. Starting in October, the European Outdoor Film Tour will once again deliver what we've all been missing—real adventures, inspiring stories, and travel, the ultimate freedom.

Joachim Hellinger ©

Caro North

Alpinist Caro North is driven—to the mountains, to rock walls, to great heights—in every part of the world.

At the early age of 16, she had already been to Argentina to summit Aconcagua (6,961 m). In addition to her expeditions in Patagonia, Alaska, Iran, and the Himalayas, her experience as a mountain guide in her native Swiss Alps also shaped the young alpinist. In this portrait, we follow her there—to the icy heights of Switzerland where Caro North feels most at home.
Joachim Hellinger ©

Find out more about Caro

Caro found her passion of climbing and mountaineering in her childhood – read about the biggest milestones of her caree here:

About Caro North

Further film details will be published shortly!


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