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Tracklist 15/16

Here you'll find all the tracks from the E.O.F.T. 15/16. Please note that not every song can be purchased. Often filmmakers use so-called production music which is not available to normal customers.



Balmorhea Remembrance



Royal Deluxe I'm Gonna Do My Thing



Joasihno A Lie


Burn It Down

Cuff the Duke If I Live, or if I Die


Onekotan - The Lost Island

Lights & Motion Aerials
Speakrs Where To Go



Pretty Lights Lost and Found (ODESZA Remix)
Ozzy Osbourne I Just Want You
Buffalo Springfield For What It’s Worth
Natural Child Ain't Gonna Stop




A. Taylor Wistful
Trevor Menear Better On The Way
Analog Heart Together
Tony Anderson Eyes Wide Open
Tony Anderson Diana
Tony Anderson Dwell



Masters of Slack

Secret Nation Tonight
Parade of lights Only Human
Awake or Sleeping Constellations
Joseph Barker Find a Little Love



1H 46MIN

Benjamin Gustafsson Empathy
Blake Ewing Surface
Andrew Judah Morning Light
Salomon Ligthelm Tekapo




Lord Huron Ends of the Earth



A Line Across The Sky

coming soon  



Degrees North

Dreaming Bull No Use
Claire Roll Down Run South
Ryan Taubert Kings


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