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Tracklist 14/15

Here you'll find all the tracks from the E.O.F.T. 13/14. Please note that not every song can be purchased. Often filmmakers use so-called production music which is not available to normal customers.


Fink Looking Too Closely


The Mountains The Mountains


Joasihno A Lie


Michael Woods Platinum Chains

Don't Look Down

Daft Punk Rinzler
James McWilliam High Plains
Paul Clarvis Furtive
James McWilliam Southhampton Morning
  Crane Climb
  Bigger Plans
  New Life
Roberto Briot Bosnian Nightmare
James McWilliam Mustang Wanted
  Hold My Hand
  No Time For Fear
  Time To Run
  Tricky Beats
Dan & Adam Skinner Particle Drift
James McWilliam Cutting It Fine
  Moscow Bridge
Zeff Harris Don't Hold Your Breath
James McWilliam Ambient Destruction

Nobody's River

Le Loup Go East
Helios Halving The Compass
Efterklang Dreams Today
Donna Summer Bad Girls
Caspian Vienna
Tommy Guerrero Zapata's Boots
Ryan Tauberz Kings

Rad Company

The Allman Brothers Midnight Riders
Gary Clark Jr. Don’t Owe You a Thang
Bob Dylan Ballad Of Hollis Brown
Billy Idol Rebel Yell

Cave Connection

Futurehausen Casualties Of Krieg

The Frozen Titans

Grayson Voltaire Kickin Brass
Anthony Phillips Pure Water
  Strange Happening
Donn Wilkerson Levine Charon's Bell
Tom Haines/ Christopher Branch Looking Skywards
Darren Leigh Purkiss Suburban Cowboy 3
  Mission To Mars
Kavin Hoo Future Torque
Assaf Rinde Beyond Beauty
Jack Elphick Guitar Drenched In Reverb Nr. 11
Ian Anderson Sonic Feedback
Clair Mario Baker, Alexander Ace Baker Coping With Loss
Hakan Eriksson City Night Lights
Jonathan Haskel Sun&Ice
Anthony Phillips Serene Horizon
Bernhard Hering Icebound
Andy Myers Opening Credits
Hermann Langschwert Venture
Daniel Backes, Peter Moslener Spooky Danger
Hendrickson, Dick, Harry The Neutralizer
Adam Fielding There's Something You Should Know
Anthony Phillips Weight Of Water
Intransit18 The Hunted - Alt Version


El Sendero Luminoso

Matthew Morgan Sun Through The Clouds
Philip Sheppard Chronograph

Shades Of Winter - Pure

Martin Tillmann A Quiet Hope
Stealing Sheep Shut Eye
Stars Sleep Tonight (Junior Boys Remix)
Chris Salt, Adam Burns Sliding Home
Ms Mr Hurricane
Raphael Lake Speed Of Light


Patrick Watson Lighthouse
First Aid Kit My Silver Lining


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