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Best-of-Sound No.2

The E.O.F.T. Best-of-Sound No. 2 is out of stock. 


No. Titel Künstler Film
1. Hello Nice Guy Eddie Trailer 10/11
2. Just let go Al-Berto and the fried Bikinis Free Asan
3. L'Aventurier The Kingpins The Longest Way
4. Get a Life KEN Trailer 08/09
5. Bullet and a Target Citizen Cope Seasons
6. Young Lovers (Sam Sparro Remix) Love Grenades Kranked Revolve
7. We are rebels Alice in Videoland Follow Me
8. Set Me On Fire Killaflaw Follow Me
9. She Drugged Me Trystero Where the trail ends...
10. Land of Sea Chris and Thomas Thalay Sagar
11. Dive Al-Berto and the fried Bikinis Free Asan
12. Don't hang your heart Chris and Thomas Expedition Manaslu 

Duration:  52 min


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