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Best-of-Sound No.1

The E.O.F.T. Best-of-Sound No. 1 is out of stock.


No. Titel Künstler Film
1. Grow Without You Mua & Shaun 2nd B.A.S.E
2. Coming Home Soon Latch Key Kid Roam
3. Gold No Have Generation L - David Lama
4. I Am No Have Vertical Vibes
5. Read My Mind No Have Pororoca - Surfing the Amazon
6. Caribbean Love Song G.Rag y los Hermanos Patchekos Pororoca - Surfing the Amazon
7. El Kilo Orishas Source
8. Arms Outstreched Yelp 1st. B.A.S.E.
9. Song No. 1 Trashmonkeys Indus Descent
10. Fountain of Youth Latch Key Kid Seasons
11. Eighteen Candels The Sessions Seasons
12. Snow Is Gone Josh Ritter Sinners

Duration: ca. 52 min


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