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From the shores of Norway, two freeriders, Nikolai Schirmer and Celeste Pomerantz, set sail to the north. Their boat, Sofie, is to take them and their team to a true freeride paradise—Spitsbergen. But the Norwegian archipelago, long considered cold and snow-sure, is not as expected. When they reach the southern tip of Spitsbergen, it is far too warm for the time of year, with temps hovering around 13 degrees. This makes skiing difficult to impossible.

But Nikolai and Celeste do not give up hope. Along with Captain Mats, they continue to steer the boat northward undaunted, in search of the perfect ski runs they have dreamed of for so long.

Film Facts

Length: 10 min
Direction: Nikolai Schirmer
With: Nikolai Schirmer, Celeste Pomerantz, Asbjørn Eggebø, Mats Grimsæth
Production: Black Crows, Norway, 2022
Language: Original version with subtitles
Accessible: Greta & Starks App

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