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Glorious Days

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Glorious Days

Most of the time, the cloud keeps everyone waiting - as if it knew that people will exercise patience because of it. Meteorologists have still not completely decoded its secret and cloud lovers from all over the world, fascinated by its imposing appearance, travel to Burketown on the coast of Queensland (Australia) every year at the end of September in order to take pictures and to surf with gliders. So far, nobody has tried to do this with a hang-glider. Jonny Durand wants to be the first one to do it. Technically, the cloud is ideal for that since the air stream provides for a sufficient updraft. But that far up in the sky, there is always the danger of spontaneous turbulences, especially in case the hang-glider gets caught in the air pocket behind the cloud. Ditching in the ocean, however, is not an option for Jonny and he also tries to avoid an uncontrolled landing on the Australian salt flats, unless of course he wants to introduce himself to the crocodiles that call this their home.


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