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Dream Result

Kayak world record. It is not for everyone to plunge down a 56-metre deep waterfall in a kayak. For Tyler Bradt, however, one of the world’s best whitewater kayakers, it is just what he likes to do. When his head pops out of the spumous spray of the waterfall after seven endless seconds, all he says is: “I thought this clash would be way harder.” All of us would have probably lost our imagination already a long time before, since the Palouse Falls in the state of Washington are massive. Therefore it is simply mind-blowing that Tyler has only contracted some minor sprains during his 65-metres fall. And in spite of this, he would do it all over again. “There is nothing more exciting than flying through the air in your kayak!” The world record at the Palouse Falls was not the first crazy thing he did in his life. Two years ago, him and his buddy Seth Warren went on the first ever CO2-neutral roadtrip on the Panamerica, with their truck “Baby” which only runs on vegetable oil (Oil and Water, E.O.F.T. 08/09).


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